Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Queen of the Hill

Today was day one of marathon training. After six months and two weeks of NOTHING. 

My stitches don't come out until tomorrow, but my ankle has felt so great.....

So when the VERY SAME LADIES that I was with the day I broke my ankle called and asked if I was ready to head up Lost Lake Trail, how could I refuse? Sure....darling Dr. Chang said that I should be wearing a boot, but I think that was just a suggestion....right?

As I was getting dressed love-of-my-life-wilderness-rescue-man opened one eye and peeked out from under the covers. He noted that I was not dressing for a little walk around the neighborhood.

He is a trained observer, you know.

He asked where I was going. He has been just a wee bit protective since he organized my 
oh-honey-don't-worry-but-I-need-your-help-because-I've-fallen-and-I-cant-get-up-and-I'm-laying-in-the-woods-a-couple-miles-from-the-car rescue.

When I told him I would be going up the trail with the broken ankle posse, he decided to get dressed and go with us. He even brought a gun with bear bullets for good measure.

All that worry for nothing. The first training hike is complete. Really can't call it a run, but we climbed 700 feet over a mile and descended with no problems. Not even a bear.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh. Dear. Me. Oh. My. I just signed up for another marathon. I understand you may not be as excited/concerned/afraid as I am, but then again, I am the one with stitches still in my ankle.

What happened you ask? Well, last November, I was training for a 50K.


And then, I decided to catch up to my training partners. On a downhill. With my spikes in my backpack. Instead of on my feet. 
Silly girl, spikes are for feet, not backpacks.

Oops. That hurt. Your arch should NEVER touch your calf. That is bad. Very bad. Quite painful, in fact. But then the nice doctor put this lovely plate in and made my bones right again.

The only teeny tiny itsy bitsy problem was that it turns out my body was not so keen on that plate. 
Nor the screws.
So last week, I had them back out.

And today, I signed up to run a marathon.
The End.

Or maybe, The Beginning.